Portable Leak Detection

We recognise that every test application and every customers requirements differ. This is why we purpose build our portable leak test instruments to suit your specific requirements.

Detailed below are the general details of each standard frame concept, showing machine and tooling dimensions together with standard features and option available.



Standard features:

  • 100 individual sets of program parameters (100 different parts tested on one machine)
  • 100 sets of program sequence options (multiple tests on each product)
  • 4 independent programmable pneumatic fixture control outputs (6 on full frame systems)
  • One dedicated Marking Output
  • 4 independent programmable electrical signal inputs (6 on full frame systems)
  • Choice of Differential Pressure or Mass Flow Pressure method
  • Calibration Port as standard


  • Additional I/O: giving greater flexibility in operation and part status verification
  • Data Storage: providing historical log and download of test results
  • Printer Control: to allow a label to be printed on a pass result
  • Dual Measure: include both flow and pressure decay measurement in one machine
  • Bar Code Read: to allow recording of product data with results


Special options are available on request. Please contact us if you have any questions about any aspect of air leak testing.



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