Welcome to Leaksys Ltd

Leaksys is a sub-division of Fisher Leak Systems, part of the Fisher Leak Group of companies, based in Birmingham, the heartland of British manufacturing.

Leak testing is critical to ensuring proper product quality, safety and performance.

At Leaksys, we recognise that every test application and every customers requirements differ. This is why we purpose build our leak test instruments to suit your specific requirements. Our leak test instruments are built on a common template operated by either 5 inch or 10 inch colour touch screen PLC's adopting standard pressure decay, differential pressure decay or flow measurement instrumentation; or a combination of test methods in one unit.



If required the units can be supplied with:

  • Multiple test lines
  • I/O interface for controlling external valves and monitoring sensors etc.
  • Data storage, providing historical log, and download of test results
  • Printer control allows a label to be printed on a pass result
  • Barcode read: to allow recording of product data or to carry out auto program select.


This flexibility ensures you only pay for the features you require.




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