Leak Test Machines

Fisher Leak Systems Ltd design and manufacture a variety of air decay and air under water leak test systems, for the test and inspection of various products from Gas valves to automotive manifolds.


We have designed and manufactured products for various industries including automotive, industrial, medical and packaging.


Modular pressure test system

Components to be tested are mounted to a trolley and connected to the system using quick fit connectors. Programs and test data are selected from the main touch screen display. Incorporated into the system is a reject chute for failed parts.


Oil pump pressure test system

Two leak tests are carried out at two different pressures. All results are stored on the main controller and can be downloaded via a USB memory stick. The system has a 6” colour touch screen display for program set up.


Oil pan pressure test system with barcode label


Oil Pan Pressure Test System incorporating a bar code labeller to print and apply a bar code to the oil pan upon passing the pressure test.
Also incorporated in the system is a bar code scanner to verify the bar code.


Portable leak detection

For more information on our portable leak detection systems, please visit our Leaksys page


Timing cover pressure test and assembly system

Pressure Test and Assembly System to assemble oil seal to a die cast aluminium timing cover. System also incorporates engraving unit to engrave time/date and incremental part number to component if the pressure test passes. All test results are stored on the main controller and can be downloaded via a USB memory stick



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